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Posted by admin on 14th July 2022

What is a desktop boiler? [Infographic]

More and more businesses are investing in desktop boilers to provide them with instant hot water without needing to wait for a kettle to boil. If you’re wondering what is a desktop boiler and why you might need one, read on. Here’s the lowdown on the most popular desktop water boilers in Nottingham.  What is a desktop water boiler? A desktop water boiler is exactly as the name suggests –...

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Posted by jask Media on 17th January 2022

Do office hot water dispensers save money?

Are you looking to cut costs in your workplace? If so you may be wondering “Do office hot water dispensers save money?” Indeed, this is one of the biggest reasons that employers choose to install these appliances. Read on to find out how hot water dispensers can help you to reduce your outgoings.  Save money with a hot water dispenser Cups of tea and coffee are what keep many employees...

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Posted by jask Media on 12th April 2021

What are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler?

When working in your office you may find yourself asking what are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler? There are several benefits of installing a hot water boiler in your office. Not only do these appliances provide boiling water instantly, but they’re also easy to use and energy-efficient. At Fresh Opportunities, we supply and install office water boilers in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and across the UK. We...

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