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Posted by jask Media on 16th April 2024

How Often Should Your Water Cooler Be Serviced?

In both homes and workplaces, water coolers serve as indispensable sources of hydration, providing refreshing and clean drinking water. However, to maintain their functionality and ensure the water they dispense remains safe for consumption, regular servicing is essential. Many individuals often wonder about the frequency of servicing required to keep their water coolers in optimal condition. Understanding the factors influencing servicing intervals can help individuals make informed decisions to promote...

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Posted by admin on 14th July 2023

Are water coolers energy efficient?

Many of our customers ask us the question “Are water coolers energy efficient?” before they make a purchase. The good news is that yes, they generally are. Water coolers tend to be more energy efficient than other systems that keep water cool, including refrigerators. However, the energy-efficiency level of your water cooler can depend on various factors. These include the specific kind of model you have and the features it...

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Posted by admin on 11th May 2023

What are the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers?

Are you wondering “What are the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers?” If so, you’re not alone. This is a question we get asked a lot here at Fresh Opportunities. These coolers provide an easy and constant supply of fresh water that’s free of undesirable ingredients, allowing them to boost the health of your employees and visitors. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of plumbed...

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Posted by admin on 14th March 2023

Are water coolers sanitary?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Fresh Opportunities is “Are water coolers sanitary?” Many business owners who are considering installing them in their offices worry that they will harbour germs and bacteria. Find out more about how sanitary water coolers are and the steps that you can take to keep them safe to use below.  Why might a water cooler become unsanitary? Water coolers have...

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