Sports Centre & Gym Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

Ensure that your members have access to fresh cool water whenever they need it

Staying hydrated during sports or physical activity is crucial, both for performance and health reasons. If you run a gym, sports centre or leisure facility, you need to ensure that your members have access to fresh water whenever they need it.

Sports Centre and Gym Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains

Sports water dispenser

If you run a gym or sports centre, you need to ensure that your members have access to fresh water. Whether they are running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or playing badminton, your members will benefit greatly from a ready supply of fresh, filtered water.  Not only do we provide mains-fed gym water dispensers, but we also provide a range of drinking fountains. These can come with or without bottle fillers.  You can now either choose from one or the other or both!

At Fresh Opportunities, we are able to supply sports facilities of all types with water coolers and water dispensers of the highest quality. Whether you want a floor standing water cooler for your reception or a desktop water cooler to fit in a small space in an office, or gym water fountains we are able to deliver and install units from the world’s top manufacturers. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all our customers.

Saving Money With Mains-fed Water Dispensers

Are you are currently using bottled water at your establishment? Then we believe that we can save you money without compromising on taste.  We are so confident in our plumbed in gym water dispensers quality and taste that we can tell you how much you will save a month.  Also, a FREE 2-week trial (subject to terms and conditions) is available to new clients.  So get in touch and start saving money today.

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If you would like to know more about the work we do with sports centres in the Nottingham, Leicestershire, Derby and Midlands areas, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help with anything you need.

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We were one of the first companies to pass the annual audit scheme for the EDWCA (European Drinking Water Cooler Association). This accreditation demonstrates that we meet and exceed strict standards of hygiene and safety. We are extremely proud of this achievement and have worked hard to maintain these high standards every year since.

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