Factory Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains & Boilers

Perfect for any workplace, whether you have 10 employees or 1,000

Whether you operate 9 to 5 or are a bigger organization operating shifts over 24 hours, maximizing productivity is key. It is well known that proper hydration leads to higher levels of concentration and wellbeing which in turn increases productivity. For that reason, the experts at Fresh Opportunities are proud to provide factory water coolers, water fountains, and boilers.

Factory Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains & Boilers in Nottingham, Leicester & Derby

Kalix Water Dispenser

Installed strategically in the most convenient locations, our water dispensers, boilers and factory water coolers, provide great-tasting, filtered water. This is unlimited quantities so that your staff can get refreshed whenever they need to. Whether you have room for a large, floor standing water dispenser or you need a desktop water cooler to make the most of a small space, Fresh Opportunities Ltd has the products you need and the expertise to install them. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance service, no matter how minor or major the problem may be.

Whether you operate 9 to 5 or are a bigger organisation operating shifts over 24 hours, maximising productivity is key.  If you would like to increase productivity at work? Then fresh filtered water could be the answer. Many surveys have proved that it can assist in productivity. If you need cold water for cooling down in a hot workplace or hot water for teas, coffees, and soups, or a water fountain, Fresh Opportunities have everything you need, with our factory water coolers in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

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We were one of the first companies to pass the annual audit scheme for the EDWCA (European Drinking Water Cooler Association). This accreditation demonstrates that we meet and exceed strict standards of hygiene and safety. We are extremely proud of this achievement and have worked hard to maintain these high standards every year since.

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