Why Should Your Office Have A Water Cooler

28th July 2020 by Fresh Opportunities

So the question here is why should your office have a water cooler and are there any benefits? Water coolers are becoming common fixtures in offices across the UK, with employers looking to take advantage of the many benefits they bring. As well as making sure you’re following the law by providing a regular supply of freshwater, you can improve employee health and boost your company’s productivity levels. 

Many businesses seeking office water coolers in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby contact Fresh Opportunities – one of the leading suppliers and installers of mains-fed water coolers in the Midlands and Yorkshire. Here’s why having a water cooler in your office makes so much sense.

Fulfil your legal obligations

Before we even start with the many health and productivity benefits that water coolers can bring, it’s important to consider your legal obligations as an employer. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that you must provide “an adequate supply of wholesome drinking water” to employees. 

The law also states that this water must be readily available in clearly marked places. Installing a water cooler in your office allows you to do this, making sure that you’re complying with your legal responsibilities. 

Improve concentration  

An office water cooler can help your staff to maintain high concentration levels. Many employees spend eight to nine hours in the office every day; however, after the first couple of hours, their minds may begin to wander. Our brains depend on water to function, and so a lack of it can quickly affect concentration levels. There’s a strong link between drinking water and cognitive performance. A recent study found that drinking 300ml of water can increase attention by as much as 25%.

Boost energy levels

Drinking water throughout the working day helps employees to maintain their energy levels, improving their performance and productivity. Dehydration causes fatigue because it affects the flow of oxygen to the brain, causing the heart to work harder to deliver oxygen to all the body’s organs. This makes you tired and less alert, seriously impacting performance. If you want your staff to stay energised throughout the day, installing an office water cooler is recommended.   

Decrease stress levels 

Studies show that dehydration leads to higher levels of cortisol – the stress hormone. This makes it harder to deal with challenges and problems in the workplace. Stress can contribute to poor quality of work and a high error rate. As well as this, it can increase absenteeism due to health problems like anxiety and depression. By ensuring that your employees stay hydrated, you can make sure they’re better able to manage their stress levels when faced with challenges at work.

Enhance employee health

Drinking water brings a huge range of health benefits. As well as improving mental wellbeing, it can enhance physical health in several ways, from reducing headaches to improving kidney function and cardiovascular health. Plus, staying hydrated can boost the immune system and fight off cold and flu. Installing office water coolers can play a part in improving employee health and minimise absences due to illness. 

We will continue this post next month with more information on this subject…

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