What are the benefits of having a water dispenser in schools? [Infographic]

15th September 2021 by Fresh Opportunities

Are you considering installing a water dispenser in your school? If so, you’re not alone. Many principals are adding them to their settings, with the benefits they bring far outweighing their cost. If you’re wondering what are the benefits of having a water dispenser in schools, read on. From health and hydration to providing learning opportunities, there are so many reasons to invest in a school water dispenser.

What are the benefits of having a water dispenser in schools? [Infographic]

Keep pupils hydrated 

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your pupils hydrated. Children are more likely to become dehydrated than adults since their bodies are less effective at perspiring. They also generate more heat during physical exercise. Since kids are generally more active than adults, they lose more water. This water needs to be replenished as the day goes on.

Drinking enough water throughout the day improves children’s concentration, boosting their performance in the classroom. When you consider that the body is made up of around 60% water, it makes sense that they need to drink it regularly to perform at their best. Drinking it helps them think, focus and be more alert. 

Easy for children to access water 

Installing a water dispenser can provide a constant source of fresh water for children to access. Easy to operate, they can quickly fill up their cups or bottles, allowing them to stay hydrated. When children have a fresh water available to them, they are more likely to avoid fizzy drinks. These beverages are often packed with sugar and other additives. They are more likely to make healthier dietary choices that benefit both their body and mind. 

Having a water dispenser in a school can help children to develop good practices at an early age. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day is a habit that’s likely to stick with them throughout their lives, benefiting their health and wellbeing in a range of ways. 

Promotes health and reduces sick days

Water doesn’t just help children to concentrate better and perform to the best of their ability. Drinking water also improves their health, helping them fight off illnesses. Classrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, but drinking water can support children’s immune systems and make them less likely to become ill. This means that children will take less time off school due to sickness. Sick days can impact children’s education, particularly if they are taking many of them throughout the school year. 

Provides opportunities for learning 

When thinking about what are the benefits of having a water dispenser in schools, you may not have considered that it provides valuable learning opportunities for children. Whilst learning from books will is an important aspect of education, practical lessons can help facts and ideas to stick. A water dispenser can support a range of fun and educational activities. For example, growing seedlings in plastic cups, using wet cotton balls. Many children will prefer to learn about water and its benefits by using the real thing, rather than reading about it in a book.

How much water should children drink? 

As we discuss the importance of drinking water for children, you may be interested to know exactly how much H2O they should be consuming daily. Whilst the answer depends on a range of factors, including their age, the weather, and how much physical activity they do, generally kids aged between four and 13 should aim to drink around six to eight glasses per day. Younger children need smaller servings than older children. Since the amount recommended per day is quite large, it makes sense to have a water dispenser on site so that children can easily access the water they need to stay healthy and happy.

School water dispensers in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby

Now that you know what are the benefits of having a water dispenser in schools, you may be looking to buy one. If so, look no further than Fresh Opportunities. Based in Woodborough, we supply and install water dispensers in schools, colleges, and universities throughout the Midlands. We have dispensers to suit all needs and budgets, so why not discuss your requirements with us today? One of our friendly team will be happy to talk you through your options and assist you in choosing the right water dispenser for your school.

 Our water dispensers are modern, and sleek, with their space-saving design taking up a minimal amount of room in your setting. Importantly, they are also robust enough to withstand boisterous behaviour and possible abuse from students. One of our high-quality water dispensers will provide your students with valuable access to water for many years to come. 

Maintenance and servicing for school water dispensers

Regular maintenance and servicing are essential for keeping school water dispensers clean, hygienic, and working efficiently over time. At Fresh Opportunities, our experienced engineers can come out to your school or college to carry out work on your dispenser, cooler, or fountain. We’re only a phone call away and can be with you in no time at all to fix any issues or even just change the filters. No job is too big or small for our team to handle. We’ve worked on all makes and models of school water dispensers, which means we can assist you even if we have not supplied a machine to you.

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