What are the benefits of drinking water? [ Infographic ]

14th February 2024 by Fresh Opportunities

Drinking water is essential, whether you’re at work, home or exercising. Water is crucial for maintaining our key bodily functions, ranging from hydration and temperature regulation to aiding digestion. If you’ve been wondering what are the benefits of drinking water, keep reading. We’ve taken a closer look at why drinking enough of this vital liquid is so important for maintaining overall health.

What are the benefits of drinking

Improves concentration and focus 

Drinking water can significantly improve concentration and focus. Staying adequately hydrated is crucial for this, with research suggesting that even mild dehydration can negatively impact various aspects of cognitive function. People who don’t drink enough water are more likely to struggle with maintaining focus, alertness, and mental clarity. Tasks that require attention, memory recall, and problem-solving abilities can prove particularly challenging when you’re dehydrated. 

Increases energy levels School Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains in Nottingham,

Drinking water can increase energy levels. This is because it transports nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body, providing essential fuel. The muscles and organs receive sufficient amounts, helping you to feel more energised and less fatigued. Dehydration can cause you to feel tired, which can make you less productive at work and affect your overall performance. 

Supports physical performance 

Drinking water isn’t just essential for cognitive function, it’s also vital for ensuring optimal physical performance. Proper hydration can help improve various aspects of physical activity, including increasing endurance, improving muscle function and aiding recovery. Drinking water before, during, and after physical activities helps to enhance performance. If your profession requires you to engage in physical activities or if you’re an athlete, maintaining proper hydration levels becomes even more crucial. 

Regulates body temperature 

Drinking water plays a significant role in regulating body temperature. When the body heats up due to physical activity or environmental factors, it sweats to release heat and cool down. Proper hydration ensures an adequate supply of fluids necessary for sweating, which is crucial for regulating body temperature. In professions that involve physical exertion or exposure to high temperatures, drinking water is particularly vital. 

Aids weight management

Drinking enough water can help with weight management. While it doesn’t directly help people to lose weight, it can support their efforts by helping to control their appetite. Drinking water before meals can create a feeling of fullness, potentially reducing calorie intake during meals, which can aid weight control. Employees who drink enough water throughout the day may develop healthier eating habits, which can positively impact their energy levels, focus, and potentially their overall job performance.

Boosts immune system 

Drinking water boosts the production of lymph fluid, which is required for transporting immune cells throughout the body. This supports a strong immune system, helping to combat infections and illnesses more effectively. If you want to reduce the likelihood of your staff falling ill and taking time off work sick, ensure they stay adequately hydrated by encouraging regular water intake. The installation of a water fountain in your workplace can make it easier for employees to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Drinking water fountains in Leicester 

Now you know what are the benefits of drinking water, you may be keen to hear more about our drinking water fountains. At Fresh Opportunities, we supply a wide range of drinking water fountains in Leicester, catering to the needs of businesses throughout the area. Our water fountains produce great-tasting filtered water, perfect for helping your employees to remain hydrated whilst in the office. Our most popular drinking fountains can be found below. 


Our Colorado water fountain has long been a popular choice for leisure centres and schools. Traditional in its design with a full stainless steel cabinet and basin, this fountain also requires access to drainage for efficient operation. The Colorado comes with a button-operated “bubbler” for direct drinking or bubbler and bottle/glass filler, providing users with versatile options. 

Water Dispensers in NottinghamBorg & Overström b5

If you’re seeking a water fountain with an ultra-modern design, look no further than the Borg & Overström b5. Not only does this fountain provide a constant stream of fresh, filtered water but its sleek, stylish looks ensure that it will enhance almost any commercial environment. The Borg & Overström b5 is packed with state-of-the-art features, including LED status indicators to provide users with clear information, a compact alarmed drainage system, and a built-in leak detector. 

Outdoor combination basin

Another of our most popular water fountains in Leicester is the outdoor combination basin. With a smooth rounded design and made from satin stainless steel to ensure the utmost strength and stability, this is a fantastic option for various exterior settings. We’ve combined a bubbler and bottle filler to provide users with a choice of options. 

All our drinking water fountains are designed and installed to the highest possible standards, ensuring they’re not just stylish but function optimally. If you’re not sure which of our fountains to opt for, discuss your requirements with our team. We have an expert knowledge of the products in our range, allowing us to provide you with all the advice you need. We offer a free two-week trial on all our water fountains, allowing you to experience their benefits first-hand before committing to purchase one. 

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