What should I look for when buying a water cooler? [Infographic]

Many businesses are investing in water coolers for their offices. Not only do they allow staff to stay hydrated, which can boost their productivity and workplace morale, but they also offer a greener alternative to bottled water. If you are interested in buying a water cooler but need help with finding the right one for your needs, read on. Fresh Opportunities is a leading supplier of water coolers and office hot water dispensers in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. Find out the answer to the question ‘What should I look for when buying a water cooler?’ today.

What should I look for when buying a water cooler? [Infographic]


Should I buy a bottle-fed or plumbed in water dispenser?

Water cooler servicing

Some people prefer bottle fed dispensers, whilst others find the plumbed in option is right for them. There is no ‘right’ answer – it’s generally all down to personal preference. Plumbed in dispensers are normally fixed. They are frequently seen in schools, colleges and other places where large numbers of people are likely to use them. If you have a bottle-fed water dispenser, you may need to change it frequently if a substantial amount of people are using it. The company providing you with your dispenser should be able to discuss your options with you so you can pick the right choice for your needs.

Isn’t water from the tap just as good anyway?

People prefer to consume their water from a proper dispenser rather than a tap for several reasons. Some people say water from taps tastes metallic and even chlorinated. Another reason why people prefer to source their water from a cooler is that water from taps is often lukewarm. These dispensers cool your water before they serve it up to you, leaving you with a much fresher, cleaner taste.

Should I be worried about hygiene and health?

Your equipment must be cleaned and maintained regularly if you are to win the battle against bacteria, which can contaminate your water quickly. The organisation that you’re buying or renting your dispensers from may provide a maintenance service to help ensure they remain clean and fit for usage. They may visit your site to repair and replace your machines as well as your components when required.

How much should I pay for water dispensers?

Prices for water dispensers can vary depending on what kind of system you opt for and where you’re sourcing it from. If you’re not in a position to pay a lump sum, you may be able to cover the cost of your machine with fixed monthly payments. This allows you to spread the cost. It’s a good idea to get quotes from at least three different suppliers to find out what the going rate is in your area.

What capacity should I opt for?

When asking ‘What should I look for when buying a water cooler?’, consider capacity. You need to think carefully about the size of the dispenser before you agree to anything. If the dispenser is too small, your team may be left frustrated. However, you may find yourself wasting money if you buy or hire a bigger dispenser than you need.

What are your temperature needs?

Do you still need to hydrate in the winter

If you wish to serve up icy cold water to your staff, ensure the machine you’re choosing is capable of this. You may also need to supply hot water for drinks like tea and coffee. There are many machines on the market that are capable of supplying both hot and icy cold water.

Do you need a quieter water cooler?

If noise is likely to annoy your team and slow down their productivity, you may need to find a dispenser that operates silently or almost silently. If your work environment is already noisy, a loud water cooler shouldn’t be a big problem.

The health benefits of water coolers

Many employees don’t perform as well as they could at work due to dehydration. The presence of a water cooler on your premises can encourage your staff to drink more water and keep themselves sufficiently hydrated. When employees experience dehydration, they can start to feel drained, unproductive and lethargic. These are all symptoms of dehydration. By installing a water cooler on your premises, you can boost productivity and morale amongst your workforce. Medical specialists often recommend that people consume at least 2.5 litres of water each day. People are much less likely to do this when they only have tap water available.

Your employees are more likely to drink sugar-packed options when cold filtered water can’t be sourced on your site. These drinks can give them a short-term buzz but can leave them feeling lethargic for several hours once the initial rush wears off. Quality filtered water can drastically improve the well-being of your workforce. It can improve digestion and metabolism, leave skin looking more vibrant and reduce aches and pains. Regular water consumption can also reduce snacking and help ward off illnesses and therefore reduce absenteeism.

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At Fresh Opportunities, we are ready to hear from you if you wish to purchase a water cooler or boiler for your workplace. More and more people are choosing us when they require office hot water dispensers in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. A substantial number of businesses have started using our filtered water dispensers to avoid the fuss attached to bottled water dispensers. If you’re not sure whether you wish to commit to a long-term agreement, you can take a two-week trial to see if our water dispensers are right for you. We are confident we can provide you with an affordable water cooler that meets your needs perfectly.

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