What are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler?

When working in your office you may find yourself asking what are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler? There are several benefits of installing a hot water boiler in your office. Not only do these appliances provide boiling water instantly, but they’re also easy to use and energy-efficient. At Fresh Opportunities, we supply and install office water boilers in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and across the UK. We stock a wide range of boilers, catering to various needs and budgets. Read on to find out more about want are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler. 

Office hot water boiler benefits:

On-top boiling water 

Instant hot water boilers deliver hot water directly from the tap. This means your employees won’t need to waste valuable time as they wait around for the kettle. They can quickly make their hot drinks and either return to their desks or relax on their break. The kettle is an extremely useful appliance, however, it’s only meant to produce boiling water on a small scale basis. When it’s used in a commercial setting like an office, it becomes very overworked. It isn’t quite up to the task of serving boiling water to several staff members multiple times per day. 

In contrast, hot water boilers are much more powerful appliances that are able to offer boiling water to staff whenever they need it. When your office has a hot water boiler, employees won’t need to wait around for the kettle to boil when they want a hot drink. They can access hot water at the touch of a button. 

Easy to use

What are the benefits of having an office hot water boiler

Whilst kettles are easy to use, hot water boilers are even more straightforward. Simply drop a tea bag or coffee in a cup, place it under the tap, press the button, and then fill it when as much hot water as you want. The process takes mere seconds to complete. Long lines of staff members waiting to use the kettle in the kitchen will be a thing of the past when you have a hot water boiler in your commercial setting. The appliance can be switched on at the start of the workday and then flicked off before everyone goes home.  

Hot water dispensers are also ideal for employees with mobility issues. Whilst kettles can be challenging to pick up, refill, or pour from for some people, water boilers are far easier to operate. They feature a small tap that pours hot water, letting anyone quickly and safely fill a mug with boiling water. Kettles are much more dangerous to use for people who are not as mobile. Reaching for a heavy kettle filled with boiling water can be difficult, potentially leading to hot water scalding and even first- or second-degree burns. Accidents like this are less likely to occur with a hot water boiler in your office. 


Are you looking to employ more energy-efficient practices in your office? If so, a hot water boiler is the ideal place to start. Kettles waste large amounts of energy when they’re repeatedly used since they lose heat via their exteriors when the water is boiled. Water boilers are far more energy-efficient, wasting less energy and saving your business money. So, whether you’re an eco-conscious company aiming to reduce your energy outgoings or you’re desperate to cut costs where you can, investing in a hot water boiler makes sense. 

Various designs and styles 

Water Boilers in Chesterfield

Whilst kettles aren’t the most attractive appliances, hot water boilers are arguably much more stylish. The newest models on the market are incredibly sleek and elegant, incorporating well into modern office spaces. At Fresh Opportunities, we supply hot water boilers in various styles, with both stainless steel and glass-fronted appliances on offer. A boiler from our range is sure to add a wealth of refinement to your office kitchen or refreshment area. Our hot water boilers are very compact too, which means they won’t take up too much valuable space in your office. 

We supply both wall-mounted and desktop water boilers in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby. Desktop units usually have a larger capacity than wall-mounted, making them better suited to offices with many staff. Whilst wall-mounted machines have rapid draw off capabilities of 3.5 litres, freestanding versions have a capacity of around 11 litres. Both types come with advanced LCD panels, allowing for easy operation, as well as integral filters to ensure that water always tastes great. 

How do hot water boilers work?

If you’re thinking seriously about installing a hot water boiler in your office, you may be wondering exactly how these appliance work. Fortunately, the answer is relatively simple. Water boilers are mains-fed, which means they’re connected directly to your office plumbing system. As the hot water function is pressed, water is drawn from the mains system into the hot water boiler. Since the water is cool from the mains system, it needs to be heated within the appliance. The water is purified via advanced carbon filters, ensuring it’s fresh and safe to drink. The water has a clean, crisp taste and no odour, with the carbon filters removing any impurities such as chlorine or sediment. 

More and more businesses are investing in office hot water boilers in Leicester, Derby, and Nottingham. Incredibly effective, they’re a must-have for any busy office where no one has the time to wait around for a kettle to boil. Not only is a hot water boiler a valuable time-saver, but it’s also safer for those with mobility issues. Accidents are less likely to occur with a water boiler than with a kettle. When you install a water boiler in your office, you can allow your staff access to fresh-tasting water at the perfect temperature for all their favourite hot drinks. Break times will never be the same again! 

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