Do office hot water dispensers save money?

Are you looking to cut costs in your workplace? If so you may be wondering “Do office hot water dispensers save money?” Indeed, this is one of the biggest reasons that employers choose to install these appliances. Read on to find out how hot water dispensers can help you to reduce your outgoings. 

Save money with a hot water dispenser

Water Coolers in The office

Cups of tea and coffee are what keep many employees happy and energised throughout the working day. A study found that as many as 80% of workers have higher morale and feel more motivated to do their best work when they are provided with simple perks like hot drinks. 

However, kettles aren’t always the most efficient way for staff to make these beverages, particularly as they take around two and a half minutes to boil. This might not seem a lot, but in an office containing 50 staff who make two hot drinks a day, this equates to more than four lost hours every day. This can hit your business’s bottom line harder than you realise. 

Hot water dispensers deliver instant hot water. This ensures that employees are not wasting valuable working time standing around waiting for the kettle to boil. Besides, they are also much more cost-efficient since they use less electricity. Your utility bills are likely to be significantly lower when you exchange your energy-sapping kettle for a hot water dispenser. Keep reading to learn how do office hot water dispensers save money.

Reduce lost working hours 

A survey of 2000 office workers revealed that employees lose an average of around 24.6 hours each year making cups of tea and coffee. This means that staff are being paid hundreds of pounds annually to make hot drinks. Whilst banning the making of hot beverages during working hours isn’t practical, you can reduce these lost working hours by investing in a hot water dispenser. 

Since they provide hot water immediately, your staff won’t waste time waiting in line to boil the kettle for their cup of tea or coffee. They can make their drink within seconds and then quickly return to their desks.

Cut energy costs

One question that many employers have when considering investing in a hot water dispenser is if it’s more efficient than a kettle. The answer is usually yes. Although they both use the same amount of electricity to heat 250ml of water (the amount the average mug holds), a hot water dispenser is more efficient if you want to boil a single mug of water and the kettle has a minimum fill volume of more than 250ml. The kettle will take longer to boil, costing you more money.

Indeed, N-Power states in its FAQs that “the average kettle holds 1.5 litres of water and uses about 0.1 kWh of electricity to boil for 3 minutes. That’s around 2p every time you boil a full kettle.” This might not sound like a lot, however, in an office of 10 people who each enjoy three hot drinks a day, it could cost around £500 annually in electricity. Hot water dispensers are far more energy-efficient. 

How much do hot water dispensers cost?

Do office hot water dispensers save money?

When considering do office hot water dispensers save money, you need to take into account the cost of buying one. Whilst it’s true that they’re more expensive to buy than kettles, they are available with a variety of price tags. Most budgets can be catered to, with even the most modern models in the market relatively affordable for most businesses. 

At Fresh Opportunities, we aim to keep our hot water dispensers as competitively priced as possible. One of the key benefits of sourcing a hot water dispenser from us is that we offer a two-week trial. This allows you to try an appliance first hand before deciding whether to buy it or not. Many businesses find that our dispensers transform their businesses, helping them to save money in a variety of ways. 

What are the different types of hot water dispensers?

We offer an impressive range of hot water dispensers in Nottingham, Leicester, in Derby. Our selection includes both wall-mounted and desktop models, allowing you to install them in a place that’s most convenient for your business. The Lincat EB3FX Boiler is a desktop dispenser and the Lincat WMB3F Boiler is wall-mounted. 

Constructed to a high standard by leading manufacturer Lincat, you can rest assured that your hot water dispenser will function optimally from the moment it’s installed. If you’re not sure which hot water dispenser is right for your business, don’t hesitate to talk to our team. We can talk you through the dispensers in our range, telling you more about their different features.

Ongoing maintenance for your hot water dispenser

To keep your hot water dispenser running optimally, consider enlisting our team to carry our ongoing maintenance and servicing. As well as carrying out any necessary repairs, we can perform routine sanitising and filter changes. This will maintain the hygiene of the appliance whilst also keeping the water tasting great. We’re only a phone call away if you do need maintenance for your hot water dispenser. We can ensure the issue is fixed quickly, returning the machine to full working order as soon as possible. 

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To find out more about our fantastic range of hot water dispensers in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby, contact our team. We have a fantastic knowledge of the different models in our catalogue and can answer any questions and queries you may have. Call us on 0800 086 2479 to discuss your requirements or to get a free quote. You can also send us a message via the contact form on the website.