Are water coolers energy efficient?

Many of our customers ask us the question “Are water coolers energy efficient?” before they make a purchase. The good news is that yes, they generally are. Water coolers tend to be more energy efficient than other systems that keep water cool, including refrigerators. However, the energy-efficiency level of your water cooler can depend on various factors. These include the specific kind of model you have and the features it comes with it.

How energy efficient are water coolers?

Water coolers can help you save energy and reduce your bills. Although water coolers do need an ongoing supply of electricity, machines can be turned off at the end of the day when you’re not using them to save energy. You can expect a standard water cooler to cost around 20 pence a day to run based on the average UK rate of approximately 34 pence per kilowatt-hour.

Water cooler energy consumption can vary based on a number of factors. These include how long you’re leaving the machine turned on and your overall daily usage. Water coolers are similar to freezers and refrigerators in that they operate on a cycle in which they heat or cool for a specific period of time before turning off and repeating the process when required.

What else can affect the energy efficiency of a water cooler?Water Coolers Plumbed in Nottingham

One factor is the cooling technology that’s built into your machine. Water coolers generally use one of two cooling technologies. These are compressor-based and thermoelectric solutions. Compressor-based coolers are more common and normally require more energy due to the way they use a compressor and refrigerant. However, thermoelectric coolers use a solid-state device and tend to consume a lower amount of energy.

How to ensure your water cooler is energy efficient

We recommend choosing a water cooler that has an Energy Star rating. This rating system tells you how energy-efficient an appliance or device is. Some water coolers come with adjustable temperature settings. It can be helpful to purchase a water cooler that enables you to set a higher temperature for cold water and a lower temperature for hot water. This can reduce the workload of your cooling or heating mechanisms.

Frequency of usage

The amount of energy you use will also depend on how frequently you are using your water cooler. If a large number of people use your water cooler or it’s constantly running, you can expect it to use more energy than one that’s only used sparingly. Although most water coolers are designed to be energy efficient, it’s still important to think about other factors that could cause you to use energy unnecessarily. If applicable, you can change the temperature settings or switch off the hot water when you don’t need access to it.

Standby power consumption

Some water coolers will use a small amount of energy even when they are on standby. Some models use more energy than others when they are on standby, so look for a machine that comes with power-saving modes or has low standby power consumption.

Insulation and design

The insulation and design of your water cooler can also determine how energy efficient it is. If you have a well-insulated model, this can help you maintain the temperature you require for longer. This can reduce the need for frequent cooling and heating cycles. Try to seek out a water cooler that has good insulation and seals. These can keep temperature loss to a minimum.

Energy-saving features

Some models come with extra energy-saving features like timers and sensors that will switch the cooling and heating functions off when you’re not using them. These can cut energy use by helping you prevent unnecessary operation.

Maintain good user habits

The energy efficiency of your water cooler will also depend on your habits and practices. Keep the water cooler lid closed when you’re not using it so you can retain the temperature you desire. You can also carry out regular maintenance such as having your coils and filters cleaned to optimise performance and maintain energy efficiency.

Water Coolers in The officeUse renewable energy sources

If you do have worries about the energy efficiency of your water cooler, you could consider powering it with a renewable energy source. Many businesses opt for solar power installation when they want to make a better contribution to the environment.

Water coolers are generally energy-efficient, but you can reduce your power consumption whilst using these systems by maintaining your machine well, turning features off when you’re not using them and powering it with a sustainable energy source.

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