How to choose the ideal watercooler for your gym

14th June 2021 by Fresh Opportunities

With the easing of restrictions in the UK, gyms are now allowed to reopen. If you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness centre and provide a better, more enjoyable experience for your members, why not invest in a watercooler? A watercooler is an indispensable piece of equipment for gyms since they help to keep people hydrated throughout their workout. However, with so many different options available, knowing which to choose can be tough. Read on to find out how to choose the ideal watercooler for your gym.

Choosing a watercooler for your gym 

How to choose the ideal watercooler for your gym

A watercooler is a necessity for any gym or fitness centre. Their main benefit is that they encourage people to drink water and stay hydrated whilst exercising, helping them to get the very most from their workouts. Drinking water helps the body to work at optimal levels, ensuring it burns far and builds muscle efficiently.  Maintaining adequate water levels also increase energy levels and boosts mood. Having a sleek, modern water cooler installed in your exercise area can make your gym more appealing to potential members. Keep reading to learn how to choose the ideal watercooler for your gym. 

Types of watercoolers for gyms 

There are several types of watercoolers available on the market right now. However, it’s important to consider your options before jumping in and buying one. At Fresh Opportunities, we offer a fantastic range of mains-fed water dispensers in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby. Since they’re plumbed in, you won’t need to worry about refilling them all the time. They require minimal maintenance, with our team even able to sanitise them and change their filters to ensure they remain clean and hygienic.    

Floor standing coolers

Floor standing coolers are one of the most popular options for gyms. Available in many sizes, styles, and designs, you can rest assured that there’s a cooler that’s perfect for your business. At Fresh Opportunities, we’ve sourced floor standing water dispensers from many of the world’s leading brands, including Borg and Overstrom, Kalix, and Colorado. 

We offer state of the art coolers that have been designed with both style and function in mind. As well as providing the chilled, fresh water that your members need to stay hydrated and energised whilst working out, they can also enhance the look of your gym brilliantly. Sleek and contemporary in their design and available in a wide range of colours, they’ll integrate into your space effortlessly.  

Countertop coolers

Plumbed in watercoolers for gyms
If you’re looking for a watercooler that takes up less space, look no further than a countertop cooler. These compact coolers can be placed on a desk, countertop or table (such as your reception area) for your members to access whenever they like. Whilst they may be smaller than floor standing units, they operate just as well, offering the same high performance. Choosing a countertop cooler can save you considerable floor space, giving you more room for exercise equipment.

Water fountains

Water fountains have been used for generations to provide a source of fresh drinking water. They remain popular in gyms today due to their modern, sleek designs and ability to withstand frequent use by thirsty gymgoers. At Fresh Opportunities, we offer three high-quality gym drinking fountains in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. One of the most popular is the Borg & Overström b5. With its ultra-modern design, full electronic operation, and built-in leak detection, it’s the cream of the crop of water fountains.

Why choose a mains-fed watercooler for your gym

When you choose a mains-fed watercooler for your gym, you’ll receive a range of benefits. Since the cooler is connected to your existing plumbing system, this provides a constant supply of water for your members. You won’t need to worry about ordering, storing, and lifting heavy bottles of water. You’ll never run out of water and leave your patrons thirsty and unhappy. Not only are mains-fed coolers much more convenient than bottle-fed units but they’re also a lot more cost-effective overall. The cost of ordering bottles of water for your cooler every few days can quickly mount up. 

Some people worry that unsightly plumbing will ruin the look of your new watercooler. However, this isn’t an issue since our mains-fed units are installed using thin, non-permanent, and food-grade piping. You can expect your cooler to look sleek classy and elegant in your gym setting, whether you opt for floor standing, countertop or a water fountain. 

How much are gym watercoolers? 

Water Coolers in The office

As a business, the cost will surely be a factor when choosing a watercooler for your gym. The good news is that watercoolers are available at a range of price points. At Fresh Opportunities, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and our ability to cater to all budgets. What sets us apart from many of our competitors is that we offer a two-week free trial for our watercoolers. This is a fantastic way to try one of our coolers before committing to buy. We also offer maintenance and servicing at very affordable rates, enabling you to ensure that your cooler stays working effectively and efficiently over time. For a quote, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can help you to find a cost-efficient solution that meets your needs.

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