Are plumbed in water coolers better for the environment?

16th November 2022 by Fresh Opportunities

Find out the answer to the question “Are plumbed in water coolers better for the environment?” right here. More and more business owners and managers are now installing plumbed in water coolers into their premises. In order to enhance staff morale, help their team boost their health and to improve their green credentials. Plumbed in water coolers do tend to be better for the environment because they reduce your reliance on plastic bottles. Which can be incredibly damaging to the environment. If you need to source water coolers Nottingham, there are many options are available. 

Why are plumbed in water coolers so good for the environment? 

One of the main reasons why plumbed in water coolers help you make a better contribution to the environment is that there isn’t a bottle built into your model. This means you will be neither using plastic nor wasting it. This means fewer emissions are needed to transport water bottles. And fewer vehicles are needed. Your plumbed in, mains fed water cooler will always supply you with fresh, filtered water. So your team don’t need to keep purchasing bottled water from the supermarket or convenience store. You won’t need to worry about disposing of the large bottles that come with other water cooler systems or refilling them. 

Are there any other advantages attached to installing plumbed in water coolers? Water Coolers in The office

Aside from the obvious environmental advantages, plumbed in water coolers also deliver valuable cost benefits. Once your plumbed in water cooler is installed, you won’t need to keep purchasing new water bottles to attach to it. The water will be coming directly from your mains supply and will be accessed through the taps on your cooler. What’s more is that the costs of a bottleless water cooler are usually significantly lower than the price of a bottled unit. If you want to supply your team with a continuous supply of fresh filtered water but don’t want to go over-budget, a plumbed in water cooler could be the ideal solution to your problem.

Save space with a plumbed in water cooler

If you don’t have much space available in your office or another type of business premises, a plumbed in water could be the ideal choice. This is because there are many different sizes available to you. It’s possible to purchase water coolers which you can simply place on your worktop so they don’t need to take up any floor space. As your water cooler will be bottle-free, you won’t need to find somewhere to store bottles either. 

Enhanced productivity

Dehydration can cause your staff to feel sluggish, unwell and therefore less productive. By supplying your team with fresh water of the highest quality, you can keep them hydrated. Furthermore, help them avoid the expense of bringing in their own bottled water. Your staff will be able to make a better contribution to the environment. This is by purchasing fewer plastic bottles to keep themselves hydrated. Hydration makes it easier for your staff to focus and helps them keep their energy levels high throughout the working day. 

A simple installation process

The process of installing a plumbed in water cooler is a simple one. This means disruption will be kept to a minimum during the installation process. Experienced engineers can fit and install your plumbed in water cooler in a very short time frame. And also provide any guidance that you might need at the same time. If you are looking for a reputable company to supply and install your plumbed in water cooler, choose one with great reviews. That will install, repair and service the systems that they install. This means you will be able to put things right in a minimal time frame if anything does go wrong once your water cooler has been installed. 

Improve workplace health

It’s said that adults need to drink a minimum of two litres of water each day. However, many people fail to do so. If you have a high-quality source of fresh, cool and filtered water on your premises, that’s easy for your staff to access, your team will likely take advantage of it. Furthermore, water from a cooler tastes better than when it’s sourced straight from a tap. A plumbed in water cooler will remove any impurities from the water and deliver it at the perfect temperature. With no unpleasant aftertaste. This will give your team an amazing incentive to actually consume it. 

School Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains in Nottingham,Who supplies high quality water coolers Nottingham?

Now you know the answer to the query “are plumbed in water coolers better for the environment?”, you may be wondering who can supply you with reliable water coolers in Nottingham. At Fresh Opportunities, we have a great deal of experience. Especially, when it comes to supplying water coolers across the Midlands and Yorkshire. We have been in operation since way back in 1996. Furthermore, we have developed our services to ensure they cater for all industries. We are renowned for our high levels of professionalism. And are only happy when you’re truly satisfied with the services that we have provided. 

An environmentally-friendly option 

When you opt for our products, you can rest assured that you’re reducing your business’s environmental impact. Our products help you vastly reduce your reliance on plastic and make it easier and simpler for you to provide your team with fresh, filtered water. Another great reason for choosing us is that we have passed the audit for the WHA (Water Dispenser and Hydration Association). This means we not only meet but exceed the strictest standards of hygiene and safety. This achievement is something that we are incredibly proud of. We have worked very hard to maintain it since we were awarded it. 

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