5 reasons to have a mains fed water cooler

14th November 2023 by Fresh Opportunities

Are you thinking of switching from a bottled to mains-fed water cooler? Then you’re not alone. We take a look at the top 5 reasons to have a mains fed water cooler. Many businesses across the UK are doing just that, reducing not just their costs, but their environmental impact too. At Fresh Opportunities, we supply and install a wide range of coolers. With sleek, clean, and sophisticated designs that blend effortlessly with most office spaces, they’re perfect for companies in various industries. Here are five top reasons to have a mains-fed water coolers in Nottingham, Leicester, or Derby.  

Cost-efficient Water Coolers

When you choose a mains fed water cooler for your business, the water will come from your mains water supply. Of course, you’ll pay for the water you use through your water rates, but this is a tiny fraction compared with the cost of bottled water. With a bottled water cooler, you’ll need to pay for replacement water bottles every time you run out. This can prove costly, particularly during the summer months. 

Businesses often end up realising they need more water than they first thought. It can often take some time to determine the correct amount of bottles per delivery. A mains fed water cooler is a lot more cost-efficient, making them a popular choice for frugal business owners. 

Water Coolers Plumbed in

Limitless water supply 

Bottled water coolers often run dry, requiring a constant supply of bottled water. In comparison, mains fed dispensers provide a continual flow of fresh filtered water. They work 24 hours a day, giving staff reliable access to water when they need it. Under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, employers must provide an adequate supply of drinking water to employees. The United Nations General Assembly also define the right to clean drinking water as a human right. 

Providing a constant supply of water to your employees isn’t just a matter of adhering with health and safety legislation. Keeping your staff hydrated is vital for maximising their comfort and wellbeing and boosting productivity in your workplace. A happy and comfortable workforce will work more efficiently and to a higher standard, helping your business to thrive. 

There’s evidence that being hydrated improves cognition and mental performance, as well as helping to combat tiredness and fatigue. All of this can help organisational productivity in your workplace and boost your bottom line. Therefore, making sure that freshwater is always available and readily accessible is crucial. You can do this by investing in mains fed water coolers in Leicester, Nottingham, or Derby.

Hygienic and pure water

One of the biggest reasons to choose mains fed water coolers is that they use state of the art filtration systems. Our tap water in this country is some of the safest in the world.  The reason for this is the addition of chlorine into the supply to keep it safe through all the stages of getting it to our taps.  Unfortunately, chlorine doesn’t taste nice so our filters remove this, and other chemicals, pesticides and sediment so give you great tasting water as nature intended.  

Drinking pure water has a range of health benefits, from supporting the immune system and mental health function to reducing the risk of cancer. Some people are uncomfortable drinking water from the tap, and the filtered water provided by mains fed coolers is likely to be attractive to them. 

Highly convenient Water dispenser close up

Mains fed water coolers are a lot more convenient than bottle-fed coolers. With no heavy water bottles required, not only can you avoid the hassle of handling deliveries, but you don’t need to find storage space either. No valuable time is wasted taking deliveries or changing empty bottles. Fresh Opportunities supply and install modern, beautifully designed mains fed water coolers in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, that will enhance any environment rather than being seen as more clutter in your workplace.

Mains water coolers can also improve your workplace health and safety standards as they don’t require the lifting of heavy water bottles. Incorrect lifting of these heavy bottles can lead to back injuries but choosing mains water delivery system can remove this concern. 

Many mains cooler systems are equipped with an automatic cut off to stop leaks when they are detected. They’re also stable and resilient to accidents which can cause heavy water bottles to spill and cause water damage when they’re knocked over. Water spills are very unlikely when you choose a mains fed water cooler, making them a much more convenient option.   

Environmentally friendly

When you choose a mains fed water cooler over a bottle-fed system, you can play your part in protecting the environment. Not only will it help to reduce bottle production, but fewer deliveries and collections of bottles will also minimise transport emissions and pollution. Discarded water bottles account for a huge volume of landfill waste, with many of them ending up there when they reach the end of their lives. For businesses looking to make environmentally conscious decisions, mains fed water coolers are a good place to start. 

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Fresh Opportunities have been installing mains fed water coolers in Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby for many years, providing a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly water supply for hundreds of local businesses. If you’re ready to reap the many benefits that come with choosing a mains fed water cooler, get in touch. You can always trial one of our systems before committing to find out if it’s right for your workplace. All sanitising, filter changes and repairs are included in the price, making our coolers a cost-effective solution for your company.  So if you would like a FREE quotation or a trial of one of our water coolers e-mails us here.