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Fresh Opportunities provides high quality water coolers for commercial customers throughout the Nottingham area.

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Many businesses have already changed from bottled water dispensers to our filtered water dispensers.

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In the unlikely event of a problem, we will always aim to be with you on the same day or next day.

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Our Products
Floor Standing Water Dispensers in Nottingham Floor Standing Coolers

Our range includes a number of style options to complement your environment and needs. Small footprints ensure they can be easily positioned.

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b5 water dispenser by Fresh Opportunities Water Fountains

Our water fountains have been developed over a number of years and proved themselves in many challenging environments.

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Borg B4 CT Desktop / Countertop Coolers

Our desktop units are the perfect alternative to floor standing units, offering the same performance with more convenience.

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Office water Coolers in nottingham Boilers

These machines give a constant supply of piping hot water at the “touch of a tap”.

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Water Dispensers,Water Fountains & Boilers in Nottingham

Looking for water dispensers in Nottingham?  Then we are the company for you.  Fresh Opportunities can help with all your water cooler and dispenser needs in the Nottingham area.  We provide a first-rate and reliable service built from over 20 years in the industry. Our combination of the personal touch of a family-run company and the competitive prices of a much larger one. This in turn means that you are guaranteed the highest quality of service and value.

B3 Borg & Overström Water Cooler

We supply an extensive range of units, including Aquator, Acis, Borg & Overstrom, Kalix, FMax, and Colorado. These are all available for full installation, repair, and maintenance by our expert team. Choose from our range of floor-standing or desktop water coolers, water fountains, and desktop boilers. These are all offered with either traditional taps or convenient, single-handed use push levers.

Our water dispensers provide great tasting water, available in a choice of either chilled and ambient temperature or chilled and boiling, and our dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of our customers means that all of our units only filtered, mains fed water instead of using costly and wasteful bottles. Accredited by the WHA (Water Dispenser and Hydration Association) will ensure maximum levels of hygiene and quality of the product, and all of our coolers come with free installation by our skilled

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You always have to look at costs when you invest is something new. If you are looking at saving money, especially if you currently have a bottled water system then this will be the right choice for you.  As the water is fed and filtered directly from the mains there is no changing of bottles, regular deliveries, or plastic to dispose of.  All you have to do is fill your cup up with the great tasting water!  For more information on the benefits of plumbed in water coolers in Nottingham see here.

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If you would like more information about our products and services do not hesitate to contact us.  Our friendly staff are on hand to discuss your requirements either by phone on 0800 086 24790 or e-mail us here.

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We were one of the first companies to pass the annual audit scheme for the EDWCA (European Drinking Water Cooler Association). This accreditation demonstrates that we meet and exceed strict standards of hygiene and safety. We are extremely proud of this achievement and have worked hard to maintain these high standards every year since.

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