What are the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers?

Are you wondering “What are the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers?” If so, you’re not alone. This is a question we get asked a lot here at Fresh Opportunities. These coolers provide an easy and constant supply of fresh water that’s free of undesirable ingredients, allowing them to boost the health of your employees and visitors. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers. 

The importance of filtered water for health

As human beings, we are made up of 70% water, with this water bound within our cell membranes. This makes water absolutely essential for survival. In fact, water is actually more important to us than food, and we can only stay alive for around a week without it. It’s vital that the water that we do consume is both clean and pure. If water has not been treated, purified or filtered, it can make us very ill. Systems like plumbed filtered water coolers make it easier to access pure water, which is safer for us to drink than water from the tap. It also helps us to avoid the use of bottled water, which is bad for the environment due to the plastic containers used to store it.

What does the filtering process remove from water?Mains Fed Water Coolers Nottingham

A filter system can remove a wide range of impurities and dangerous contaminants from water. These can include chlorine and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury as well as disinfection by-products. A filter system can also ensure that vital minerals like zinc, calcium, fluoride and magnesium remain in your water. Using this type of system also helps you avoid limescale. If you want to consume water that’s free of toxins, this kind of system could be ideal for your needs. It can also help you avoid the expense that comes with supplying bottled water.

Improve hydration

Installing this kind of system in your workplace can also encourage your team to drink more water. Having easy access to quality water that has undergone filtering helps teams to stay hydrated and therefore become more productive. A quality filter makes employees much more hydrated than standard tap water. Filters can boost the mineral content of tap water.  It can enhance its pH level to deliver a much better standard of hydration.

Boost digestion

Water that has more mineral content than standard tap water can also boost digestion. The greater level of hydration that a filtered water system supplies makes it easier for the body to send distribute minerals and nutrients. These extra nutrients can get employees feeling better, happier and more alert whilst aiding the digestion of soluble fibre.

Improve skin health and aid weight loss

Another key benefit of using plumbed filtered water coolers to enhance the quality of water is that they can improve skin health. Water with a high mineral content can flush toxins from the body quickly and effectively to hydrate the skin. As your water will be free from chlorine, the natural oils of the hair and skin won’t be depleted by the presence of this chemical. As a plumbed filtered water cooler can encourage your team to drink more water, it can also aid weight loss. Drinking water can reduce overactive appetites. What’s more is that your filter system will help water to taste and smell better too.

What are the other benefits of installing a plumbed filtered water cooler?

Now you know what are the health benefits of plumbed filtered water coolers, you may be wondering if these systems can do anything else for your business. A key advantage is that once the installation process is complete, you won’t need to pay for the delivery of replacement bottles of water every few days. This is because we will simply make use of your current water supply. You won’t have to worry about bulky water bottles taking up valuable office space, you won’t need to move any heavy water bottles around the office when you need to change your bottle.

School Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains in Nottingham,Sustainability

Investing in this kind of system can also make your business more sustainable. There is more pressure on businesses than ever when it comes to acting in an environmentally-friendly manner. Plastic bottles can take 300 years to degrade. It can take 3 times as much water to produce a bottle than to fill it. Supplying water to your staff in a more sustainable manner can boost your reputation amongst your eco-conscious employees and guests.

Who can help when I need plumbed filtered water coolers?

At Fresh Opportunities, we are always here for you when you want to install plumbed filtered water coolers in Nottingham. We have installed these systems in a wide range of commercial premises over the years. We are a family-run company that has been in the business since 1996. Working closely with our customers, we can help you find the perfect solution for keeping your staff, visitors and customers hydrated. We know no two companies are ever quite the same. This is why we pay close attention to what our clients have to say. This enables us to can identify the very best way to assist them. We were one of the first ever companies to pass the audit scheme set up by the Water Dispenser and Hydration Association.

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